Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching

I still remember, it was on August 26, 2013 that I began my journey at CloudFactory as a cloudworker with some of my friends. I had the goal of being independent in my mind. Census was the first project that we started off with. Back then, we had no idea what character or  community was and to be honest, we didn’t care much about them. Our motto was just to make some money and be independent.

As days passed by, we started attending team meetings and conducting community service projects (CSP) according to the Worker Engagement Module led by CloudFactory. The more we took part in meetings and CSPs, the more we began to understand their importance. It took us some time to really grasp the meaning that hid behind the concepts of character, competency and community (or as CloudFactory calls it, “the 3Cs”) Each of those 3C’s exercises had significance for each one of us to grow personally and professionally. Down the road, we as a team got to learn and grow in all 3 areas: competency, character and community. In May 2014, our team called Job-Seekers, was selected as the Best CloudWorkers Team and we had a chance to have a lunch out with the team that won the Best Full Time employees. We spent a quality time with them, and that was very encouraging for all of us.

In December 2014, there was a vacancy for the role of Workforce Officer (now called People’s Officer). I applied for it, went through the interview procedures and finally got selected. I was/am so thankful for the opportunity I had to be a full time staff and be on board with a company/family like CloudFactory.

Sujan Chapagain


Someone once said, “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” When I look back on my life and see how far I’ve come during my time at  CloudFactory, there have been many learnings because everyday, CloudFactory offers us new things to learn.

Recalling about some, the character lessons have helped me a lot to bring change in different facets of life like self-realization, personal growth, valuing people, accepting challenges etc. On top of that, CloudFactory principles have given me a new perspective on how we can mend the broken relationships together and build richer communities around us.

We know that CloudFactory exists to connect 1 million talented people to computer work, while raising them up as leaders to address poverty in their own community. I feel so honored to be a part of this mission. Now I know how little I knew about our vision when I first joined CloudFactory because my focus was tasks alone. I just saw a glimpse but not the whole picture back then.

Now, I understand that CloudFactory is beyond micro tasks and our aim is for something bigger. Since I’m speaking this out of my own experience, my suggestion to every cloud worker would be to really understand that through each micro task that you do, every team meeting you attend and every community service project that you conduct, you are making a bigger impact within yourself and around the communities that you live in.

CloudFactory believes that talent is equally distributed around the world but opportunity is not. And we really want our cloud workers to grasp our vision, utilize the opportunity, grow as a person and also be willing to make an impact in their societies by mending the broken relationships around them. It’s very important that every cloud worker knows that their contribution plays a decisive role to make our vision come true.

CloudFactory will be unable to do this alone but only when we come together will we be able to change how the world works.

Written by Sujan Chapagain


  • Yes, life keeps on giving new lessons and we should keep on learning. Great to know the experience you got in cloud factory. I also would like to work in cloud factory to learn, earn and be independent. Seeking for new vacancies.

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