Replacing Poverty with Richness

We all love autonomy and control at work. Daniel H. Pink in his bestseller Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, talks about the secret to high performance and satisfaction – at work, at school, and at home. He says that it is the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world, which motivates us in today’s challenges.

One of the exciting things about being a cloud worker is having both autonomy and control. With CloudFactory’s platform, you can either attempt the task or take a pass if you are not sure. You’re able to make this choice and also control your reputation and the reward you earn. Total freedom with control – this is how CloudFactory is aiming towards changing how the world works.

You must have heard that with freedom comes responsibility. Thus realizing that the choices you make not only affects you but also the community around you, is crucial.

Imagine a car assembly line where different parts are added in a sequential manner to create an end product that is more valuable than the parts on its own. It takes each and every single part to make that perfect car. Something similar happens at CloudFactory. Our workflow engine divides complex business units into micro tasks and serves those individually to our cloud workers just like an assembly line. This means you work in a community of other cloud workers just like you, to create a final unit which is so valuable. Each task you attempt adds value and when all of you create value for one another as you work, you create greater value to the community as a whole.


However, this also can work the opposite way – if any one task that you attempt is not up to the mark, the final unit isn’t going to be valuable no matter how accurate other tasks are. There are and will be times when you’re tempted to act against your better judgment and work without diligence. The momentary gain may look promising but it is important to understand that the damage is beyond that task. First and foremost, poverty is created here – broken relationship with yourself.

The story doesn’t end there. When your fellow cloud workers receive your task to review, they lose trust in this community. Our client who relies on CloudFactory for their data processing needs lose trust in us. A chain of poverty is born here. Broken relationship with your colleagues, broken relationship with the client we serve, and broken relationship with the client’s clients. And so on.

This poverty could dismiss the opportunity for other cloud workers, some whose only source of income is CloudFactory. The support received from this income towards their family is lost. The support received from this income towards their community is lost. Poverty just keeps multiplying. The story doesn’t end well.


This snowball effect of one small wrong choice shows the impact you have as an individual. Good news is that you can create the same effect positively when you make a right choice. Your talent, if directed towards right things, is not only going to serve yourself but the community you live in. CloudFactory aims to create opportunities in countries like Nepal and Kenya where talent is abundant. We aspire to invest in and create leaders like you who are going to impact greatly in the community you live in.

Let’s change the story above.

Let’s replace poverty with richness in your character and the positivity you bring in the world around you.

Let’s continue creating value greater than ourselves.


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