The Power of a Right Choice

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. – Theodore Roosevelt

I joined CloudFactory almost four years ago and it has been an amazing journey so far. Our purpose to connect as many people to meaningful work as possible, is what drives us everyday. This purpose is truly aspiring and takes a lot of effort, but I have realized over these years that it also simplifies things for us. When faced with tough choices, remembering why we exist and choosing those that take us closer to our purpose is so helpful. Yes, you are the heart of our purpose. We exist to serve you – to connect you to opportunities that help you grow in competency and character and create value beyond yourself. And as you maximize these opportunities for value to flow outward for the benefit of others, you become leaders. And together, we change the way the world works.

Now that is us and our dream. But why should you join CloudFactory? 90% of our cloud worker’s’ first job is with us. What gets me excited is that this is an equally important life event for us as it is for you. CloudFactory is an online workplace – we connect you to simple data entry jobs that helps you earn. But if you’re thinking your first job should be more than a paycheck, we’re thinking alike. We want you to not only excel in online work but also grow in character, lead teams and then give back to the community. One of our core beliefs at CloudFactory is Poverty = Broken Relationships and through this partnership, together we can build richer communities.

I have always asked myself – What is it like to be successful? The answer keeps changing and most likely it does for you too. But one thing that I strongly believe is that the answer is less about raw skills or aptitude, and more about the choices we make.

CloudFactory is a good choice. Welcome to CloudFactory!

– By Robina Maharjan


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